Tales of Space and Surrender: A Transformation of the Urban, Karachi 2014 focuses on how urban space Karachi bears the scars and tells the stories of ongoing cultural and social transformations. Through an exploration of how the uses, associations and consequently the histories of spaces are being altered by the impact of terror and the weight of imperialisms, past and present, she presents collectively a portrait of an ongoing transformation of a city and its inhabitants. With so much writing about Karachi focused on and told in the vocabulary of war and suspicion, this series aims take the reader into the ordinary, the everyday and the lived as a testament to the humanity of a city, bring them a perspective too often lost in war, or altered by it. Rafia Zakaria is an author and journalist from Karachi Pakistan. She is a lawyer and political philosopher by training. She is a columnist for DAWN, Pakistan’s largest English newspaper published from Karachi. She also writes for Al-Jazeera America, Dissent, Guernica, The Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, and various other publications. Her first book The Upstairs Wife: An Intimate History of Pakistan will be published by Beacon Press in late 2014. Twitter @rafiazakaria