• By Hilary Matfess
    What is the greater threat to Kenyan security - terrorism, or mass roundups of Somali refugees and "shoot-to-kill" crackdowns by anti-terrorism forces?
  • by Tammam Azzam
    Digital media artist Tammam Azzam creates arresting visual depictions of the Syrian revolution using iconic Western art in juxtaposition with surrounding destruction.
  • By Alla Ivanchikova
    A review of "Trash: African Cinema from Below" by Kenneth W. Harrow which examines trash as an aesthetic and a theory grounding contemporary African cinema.
  • Jon Ungpakorn and Franco Galdini
    Franco Gildani talks with Thailand's most prominent human rights defender, Jon Ungpakorn, about his country's current political crisis, and the way forward to peace and reconciliation.
  • by Rola Khayyat
    Rola Khayyat's work explores new dimensions on war, time, memory and identity through a snapshot of the city of Beirut in constant flux.
  • by Matt McGregor
    "Nigerians in Space" by Deji Bryce Olukotun is a transnational mystery novel, replete with assassins, abalone poaching and an international fashion model who exudes light from her skin.
  • by Jean-Marie Gleize
    Jean-Marie Gleize, aesthetically affiliated with the post-poets and an important figure of French letters is finally available in English.
  • By Louise Harrington
    The literary lacuna regarding the Naxalite movement in India is redressed to some degree in Jhumpa Lahiri's "The Lowland" as it draws attention to a complex and crucial facet of India’s past and present.
  • By Ubah Cristina Ali Farah
    A close look at the controversies surrounding Lidwien Kapteijns' book about clan-cleansing in Somalia.
  • By Sean Guillory
    Vladimir Putin's Crimea speech this week offers the clearest articulation yet of the Russian president's views since he returned to power in 2012.
  • By Tim LaRocco
    The use of ethnic identity by Cambodia's nationalist movements reflects the acute distrust underpinning the country's current social relations.
  • by Claudia Moreno Parsons
    "Is poetry the answer to war?" asks Claudia Moreno Parsons in her review of two books by Ammiel Alcalay.
  • Yewande Omotoso and Valentina A. Mmaka
    A conversation with South African Writer Yewande Omotoso on straddling several cultures and the quest for identity.
  • by Vikram Zutshi
    A photo essay explores the dynamics of globalization and local urban policies gone wrong in slum areas like Garib Nagar in Mumbai, India.
  • by Upasana Dutta
    Set in the quasi-utopian Novilla, J.M. Coetzee's "The Childhood of Jesus" is a richly textured and engaging novel that resists simplicity while never becoming inaccessible.
  • Khalid Abdalla & Michael Bronner
    Warscapes editor Michael Bronner in conversation with actor and activist Khalid Abdalla about his role in the Oscar-nominated documentary "The Square."
  • by Kai Krienke
    Jean Sénac, assassinated 40 years ago, was one of Algeria’s most influential 20th century poets but significance of the life and work of is yet to be recognized.
  • by Laura Kasinof
    A review of Oscar-nominated short "Karama Has No Walls" - from the heart of Yemen's revolution, at once an intimate portrait and a damning body of evidence.
  • By Oscar Estrada
    Honduran writer Oscar Estrada takes us through the struggle of the the Artist in Resistance in Honduras against the backdrop of the 2009 coup.
  • by Yoruba Richen and Mary Angélica Molina
    Filmmaker Yoruba Richen speaks about her recent documentary The New Black, which explores complex issues of same-sex marriage and LGBT equality in the African American community.
  • by Marta Tucci
    This photo essay documents the plight of Rohingya women in Burma living in refugee camps and offers a lens into changing role of women in this conflict.
  • By Amanda Taub and Kate Cronin-Furman
    Helpful hints for the small NGO.
  • By David L. Lukudu
    A man from South Sudan reflects on, and encounters, the ambiguity of civil war and its combatants.