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Archipelago Books Fall Fête 2017


Our friends over at Archipelago Books are having their Fall fundraiser! 
October 5 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Purchase tickets online or send a check made out to Archipelago Books: 232 Third Street #A111, Brooklyn, NY 11215



Malthus was wrong, and population control won’t save the planet: a rant

Michael Paye

Oh, you Malthusians, aren’t you clever? One child per human and carbon contributions are cut; that’s the solution to climate change!


BDS, Uber, and Why Boycotts Work

Jessica Rohan

Watching Uber's CEO panic, backtrack, apologize, and ultimately cave to some of #DeleteUber's demands has been a totally entertaining experience for boycotters everywhere.

The mass deletion of Uber accounts was not the most impactful element of the boycott; contrary to popular belief, the success of a boycott doesn't depend purely on a direct impact on profits. Boycotts are effective because they kick companies where it hurts: their brand image.