Jessica Rohan

War and Collective Memory: Interview with Amal Ramsis, director of You Come From Far Away by The Warscapes Podcast

Historians never mentioned the Arabs who took part in the struggle against Franco's fascist forces during the Spanish Civil War.

We speak with Amal Ramsis, whose documentary sheds light on this forgotten history through the story of Palestinian soldier Najati Sidki and his family. We discuss the relevance of the Spanish Civil War today, narratives of Europe and the Middle East, and the importance of reclaiming collective memory.

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Amal Ramsis is an Egyptian filmmaker who was born and raised in Cairo. She has conducted numerous workshops around the world with women who have no experience in filmmaking. Ramsis is the founder and the director of Cairo International Women’s Film Festival. 
Her films “Only Dreams” (2005) “Life” (2008), “Forbidden” (2011) and “The Trace of the Butterfly” (2014) have garnered several international awards and been screened in many festivals.

Jessica Rohan is an editor at Warscapes. Twitter: @Jessica_Rohan