The Last Decade (2000-2010)

This slideshow is courtesy of Gallery Delta in Harare, Zimbabwe

Image Guide:

1) Misheck Masamvu: 'When the fish starts to cry it will flood,' Oil on Canvas, 154x128cm, 2010.  

2) Lovemore Kambudzi: 'United We Stand, Divided We Fall,' Oil on Canvas, 150x250cms, 2009.  

3) Lovemore Kambudzi: 'Enough is Enough,' Oil on canvas, 144x188cm, 2009. 

4) Cosmas Shiridzinomwa: 'The Deep Analysis,' Oil on canvas, 157x225cm, 2010.

5) Cosmas Shiridzinomwa: 'Lest We Forget,' Oil on canvas, 136x167cm, 2010.  

6) Cosmas Shiridzinomwa: 'The Great Revelation,' Oil on canvas, 200x146cm, 2010. 

7) Cosmas Shiridzinomwa: 'The Great Termite Revolt,' Oil on Canvas, 140x180cm, 2008.

8) Kufa Makwavarara: 'Tarisiro' - 'Looking forward to,' Oil on canvas, 92x142cm, 2009. 

9) Clive Mukucha: 'Where ever man is, walls keep emerging,' Oil on canvas, 95x50 cm, 2009.


10) Keith Zenda; 'Released - Free at Last,' oil on canvas, 96x130cms, 2011. 

11) Richard Mudariki: 'Struggle Behind Walls,' Acrylic on canvas, 51x77cm, 2009.