Jason Huettner

Maya Angelou, poet laureate and author of notable works including And Still I Rise and I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings passed away on May 28th, aged 86. The following is a roundup of pieces examining her life and lesser known aspects of her career.

The Root details Angelou's time spent in Egypt in the early 1960s as the only woman editor of a Cairo newspaper.

The team at Racialicious curates a selection of Angelou quotes and videos.

Peechington Marie tackles respectability politics and Angelou's little known history as a sex worker.

Revisit the Paris Review's illuminating interview with Angelou.

The LA Times looks at Angelou's film career through the years.

Prefixmag covers her brief stint as a calypso singer and entertainer. Listen to "Run Joe" from her 1957 calypso album Miss Calypso. Slate also looks at her lasting impact on hip hop and recalls a now-legendary interaction with Tupac Shakur.

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