Jessica Rohan

Palestine advocacy in a climate of censorship by The Warscapes Podcast

Student organizers Jannine, Mohammed Nabulsi and Karim Zagha speak to Jessica Rohan about challenges and opportunities in advancing the Palestinian cause amidst widespread efforts to suppress and censor Palestine advocacy in the United States.

Image by Usama Malik

Karim Zagha is a Palestinian student from Ramallah at Earlham College, where he’s the convener of Students for Justice in Palestine. He is also on the steering committee of EC Students Against Racism and an active member of BDS. He is majoring in psychology and minoring in Middle East Studies.

Jannine was born in New Jersey to an Iraqi mother and a Palestinian father. She organizes with Students for Justice in Palestine and worked to launch Columbia University Apartheid Divest. She is a current student at Barnard College majoring in sociology with a minor in statistics.

Mohammed Nabulsi is a Palestinian-American student activist at the University of Texas School of Law. He is currently pursuing his legal education with an interest in human rights, civil rights, and international law. He is also a member of the Palestine Solidarity Committee at UT Austin, where he has helped organize boycott and divestment initiatives at the University of Texas as well as within the Austin, Texas community.

Jessica Rohan is an editor at Warscapes. Twitter: @Jessica_Rohan